Monday, February 22, 2010

I love you Vermont, forever.

This weekend Joey and I went to Vermont for a little getaway, and it was a blessing. Lately I've been complain-y and tired, and I've felt like I needed a day off or just some sort of break. Well, Vermont hit the spot.  The scenery is amazing, and the people are the salt of the earth. They reminded me of Texans a little bit.
Those of you who have ever skied with me before know that it doesn't exactly come naturally to me. Many superior skiers/small children whipped past me - actually using their poles the right way, not dragging them uselessly behind them like cats on a leash, or flailing them around helicopter style after getting about an inch of air (post-accidental mogul encounter.)

Joey is a great skier, and so I felt a little bit bad for him that he had only me to ski with, but he didn't mind because he loves me, and I love him.

After a day on the slopes we thought it appropriate to post-carboload at the Pasta Pot. However, on the way, our car had a little seizure and faked a coolant injury. We think it was a ploy to keep us in Vermont forever. Silly car - we have to work in order to support your gasoline habit! We were in a bit of a bind as all the auto repair shops were closing as we called them, and of course, weren't open on Sundays. This is Vermont afterall.
Luckily Ed, the cook at the Pasta Pot, also doubles as a mechanic, and the people there were so nice to us. I was in the car frantically calling shop after shop in the parking lot, while Joey went inside to ask if the people from the town knew of anyone with a flexible Sunday schedule. Well, out came my dashing husband with Ed the wonder chef - an example of Vermont's finest. He and Joe took a look together and fixed her right up.

Then we enjoyed a delightful meal of pasta and friendship. The dining room even had a fire. I love this place.

Vermont is so beautiful and untouched, and its inhabitants can't be beat. So if I wanted to move there, would I even be worthy? I can't just be a dentist, I have to have some other critical skill, like Ed. I think I could get into plumbing. Either plumbing or sewing. The trouble is I don't know how to do either at this point... but well, 5 years ago I didn't know how to be dentist and look at me now!

I love you Vermont, you are the bomb.


  1. Wow! It's beautiful! And people here got all excited with our 10 inches of snow last week, but this beats that by a longshot haha

  2. I'm so jealous! Vermont looks so beautiful! We went to Whitetail and even with the 30 inches it was a tiche icy for my ability.
    Let me know when ya'll go again and I'll definitely trek up.

  3. oh it was icy for me too, believe me. I actually had to sing "Eye of the Tiger" to myself, outloud, to get down one of the runs. we should def go again and you should come - I think we might try out sugarloaf in maine next.

  4. dee lite ful whimsy. you're on a roll, diz. hope you make it all the way to San Sauveur someday. O F the day my dad and I skied up there, and then -20 overnight. there was ice in my after shave lotion that I had left in the trunk of the ol' heap, my first car, the Ford Galaxie 500 1964. The guys at the Shell station had some stuff called Stop Leak that you just pour into the radiator and, mirabile dictu! Zee leak, she eez gone! Be sure to have that stuff handy next trip to Vt.
    We all must fam' re-yune at Woodtock VT, preferably well into Spring or in the early Fall ... another paradise ... sigh, I am like the Laner ... green with envy.
    love from the dad