Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to be a good wife

Well, there are lots of ways... but in this instance - bake a cake! Follow these do's and don'ts to a life of wedded bliss:

1. DO ensure that your husband is comfortably enjoying a glass of wine while doing his work. This way he won't ask you questions and you can direct your focus toward the task at hand.

2. DON'T make it from scratch. Who can be measuring flour these days? That is tedious and unnecessary. DO go ahead and consult a box of Duncan Hines. Sure, its a box, but people that give you a hard time about that are jerks.  Plus as long as your husband doesn't turn around, he never has to know.

3. DO use a bundt pan, it makes it look fancy.

4. DON'T flip the bundt pan over before the cake has cooled. This leads to fractured cake.

5. DO piece together the cake and hold with toothpicks.

6. DO cover toothpicks with copious icing and distract with a message conveyed in M&Ms.

7. DON'T forget to take the toothpicks out, lest you slice up a piece for your beloved and he gets one on his fork and exclaims "whoa, good thing I didn't eat that!"

8. Relish your success, congratulations, you are a good wife.


  1. hahahha! pans are hard! i dont think i have ever flipped one completely and it hasnt broken. but super nice. and ive never seen the duncan hines strawberry. im def getting that.

  2. love the toothpicks move. I'm employing that technique.
    I don't own this 'bundt' pan but I think buying it can be achieved. The only way I understand 'from scratch' involves Duncan Hines. If you made it, its from scrath.

  3. oh Kristen try it! you won't be sorry! and Elaine, this is because we were raised in a home that never had baked goods in it. I don't understand how mom never wanted cookies or cake, storebought or however 'homemade' for herself. this is why she was always a teensy lady.

  4. love it! this is your funniest post yet. happy 1.6 years of being a damn good wife!