Sunday, February 28, 2010

Date night

Well, Joseph and I went out on the town last night, and since my intention of this blog was to talk about living in Boston/ fun things we do sometimes, I thought I'd relay the pertinent info.

 As the weather was a bit unfortunate, we narrowed down options to things we could do where driving/parking would be easy. The thing about living around here is sometimes parking can be unpleasant. Well, nothing wrong with heading (at least half-way) to the 'burbs in order to ensure plentiful parking, I say!

 So dinner and a movie it was. We went to Aquitaine in Chestnut Hill. Its a great French restaurant, and as I love all things French (fries, our friend Guillaume...) of course I love this place. We've gone to the one in the South End in the past, but the one in Chestnut Hill is near the movie theater... which is a blessing.
So I suppose I'll talk about the menu... at Aquitaine I would heartily recommend the mussels as an appetizer. The presentation is terrific, they're served in a copper pot, and the sauce is super delicious. Can I describe it more technically than that? No, I'm afraid not.  Also fantastic is the steak frites, which we split. We typically don't do that, but we've been on a splitting kick this weekend.  Sometimes I get embarrassed that we aren't spending enough money and our waitress will like, hate us for sharing, as if we're cheap jerks or something, but its always fine... and I'm always glad we did it.  I can never eat everything when we go out to dinner, yet somehow manage to eat too much at the same time. Ah, the paradox that is life. Alright then, for dessert we had the banana tarte tatin. Best part of the meal, amazing. We had the syrah that they serve by the glass - unfortunately I don't know the name, but, it was also delightful.
The tables were of the half booth, half chair variety, so it was a bit intimate with the neighbors on each side. Well, you never know how that's going to go, but I enjoyed listening in on the conversations going on beside us. I was never super terrific at minding my own business. One side was a couple on their first date. They were older, and I was really hoping it would work out for them. The other side housed a married couple - they weren't as interesting... and they were a bit pompous - which I find weird since they were already married to the one across the table,  so it seemrd to be a bit late in the game for that. I don't know if anyone was listening to us, I wonder if people think talking about dentistry is interesting.

So then we saw Avatar, in 3D. Joey and I didn't even really want to see it, but felt compelled nonetheless. I sat through the previews somewhat sulking that I was just seeing something because I felt like I had to, and then poor me, why do I always do things I feel like I 'have' to do. Life is tough. So there I was, making myself into a martyr, until before I knew it - I was into it, cheering "Gooo rhino things! Get the bad guys!"  silently of course, and thus it turned out to be fun and enjoyable. Joey enjoyed the 3D glasses immensely. He put them on straight away to maximize all 3D benefit. Next week maybe we'll see Shutter Island - which is what I really wanted to see in the first place. In any event, I guess its good to have seen Avatar so that I can be up on what all the kids are seeing these days.
 It was good to spend a night with the hubs out of the house but yet still relaxing.  I can see why the dinner/movie combo is so popular. We're going to have to go to the 'Hill more often. I hope that you all had a great weekend too.

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  1. there are too many comments embedded here that make you Mary's child EXCEPT that you didn't clean the apartment at like 1 am :)