Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bring It.

So, in preparation for the aforementioned honeymoon I'm thinking about doing P90X again. My husband and I have started this at least 3 times. I hope that conveys that we've given up doing it multiple times.  By the 4th week we usually fall of the bandwagon. While we're committed to it though - we are full of self-praise and righteousness. Some of my of my good gal pals Angelica and Ali sent it to me last summer. Geli and her husband would have made Tony proud- they built a P90X gym in their garage, and Ali was their faithful workout companion. They looked ammmaaazing. Xtreme, infact. So I wanted to be like them. I'm a copier.
 It works, there's no denying it... but I'm wimpy and I usually hurt myself doing the chin-ups. I guess I should say "I presently struggle with chin-ups."  Also, Ab-ripper X usually makes me cry a little. Again, because of the wimpy-ness. The husband has a bachelor party coming up for one of our favorite friends in March, and they're going to Vegas, so maybe that will be our motivation to get going. Wait, I'm not going... but maybe I'll just hitch along on P90X for the ride and moral support in the quest for making these bods some lean machines.

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  1. More power to you!!! I started P90X...found it very challenging...then our DVD player stopped playing the DVD's that Travis had ever so keenly purchased on ebay for a fraction of the retail cost...hhuuummm! Fate was clearly telling me to stop and I was happy to oblige!!! :) Unfortunately, here I sit several months later and in no better shape to speak of! PS...your cute little blog has quickly moved up my list of favs- love hearing from ya!