Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ladies who brunch

This weekend one of my best gal pals, Carolina, was back in town. She recently moved to Seattle for her job - reducing the number of friends I have in Boston now by approximately 33%. But that's okay, because she has a great job and I'm so happy for her that she's starting a wonderful new chapter in her life. Gooo Carolina!
  Anywho, Carolina recently graduated from the prestigious Harvard Business School, so I depend on her for a lot of knowledge... such as who Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke are, and that drinking green tea reduces bloating. I bought some green tea tonight at the grocery store and already had a cup - I'll let you know how it pans out.
 So yesterday we went to UpStairs on the Square in Harvard Square.

When I walked in the carpet was leopard - which matches my snuggie! What a welcome!

The walls were hot pink, the chairs were gold, and the carpet zebra. Amazing. Plus they had a fire going. Our brunch/lunch was good, and the coffee was notably delicious.

Afterwards we went for a wee little walk about the square and had a stranger take a picture of our boots. He was wearing his earphones -  the east coast equivalent of 'don't talk to me please, I am uninterested in others and focused on my personal task at hand'... but Carolina isn't afraid of people and has this certain something (I think its part charm, part being hot,) and in the end he was happy to oblige us.

 I was so happy to see my friend. I hope you are having a good flight back Care-bear.


  1. awww! green tea, yes, lots of green tea. and frye boots are the bestest, thank you for the tip my stylish facebook friend.

    btw, if you haven't watched the most recent 30 Rock, you must, it's on-demand on comcast. i'm promoting comcast again bc. the suckers finally forked over my 6-month refund. after 4 months of disputing it on my part. excluding accrued interest, of course. but what can you do? so my short trip to boston was great catch up AND lucrative.

    happy new week!

  2. does Arizona 'green iced tea' count? It comes in the gigantic plastic bottle much like box wine. I do hope it counts because its cheap and lasts all week. Your Frye boots put my BP boots to shame but they are the only ones that get (assuredly) around my calves! However, I have been oooggling the fb pics and might venture out to Nordstrom to see if they fit :)