Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting started

I want to start a blog to write about my life here in Boston with my husband and our little cat. We're not sure if we'll stay in Boston for good - so I want to chronicle our lives here - for posterity's sake.
A big motivation for starting this blog was to encourage me to get off the couch and out into the world - which is hard for me. I need a push to get out the door... especially since it is freezing here this time of year. This is the view outside our window - where I'm inside, writing my new blog. The irony is not lost on me.

I love reading blogs to relax - and although I have my favorites, there really isn't one about living and working in Boston... at least the kind of way we live it.

We're pretty normal - we are enthusiastic about our careers and pretty devoted to each other, despite the bumps you encounter during marriage - but then there's life... everyday, traffic, getting behind a freaking city bus then a school bus when you're already late for work; spending more time with coworkers than you do with your own family - and speaking of family - when are we going to have kids anyway? Well, let me just tell you, not soon.

So speaking of my favorite blogs, which I'll have to keep a better handle on because sometimes I just keep clicking the favorite blogs of my favorite blogs and I don't realize which one said what - but somewhere out there, a wise woman made a new year's resolution to try and do one chore during the week so that everything doesn't pile up on the weekend. Inspired, I pledged to do the same - for me it was laundry. I should mention that I didn't make any kind of resolutions this year, so I was all too happy to hitch onto ones made by other people, (and by that I mean the reasonable, easy-ish ones.) I was totally going to do it tonight. But its Real Housewives of Orange County night, and lets face it, I'm going to watch TV instead. Besides, I organized some drawers at work today, that probably counts.

In any event, thanks for reading.

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