Thursday, January 21, 2010

In 6 short months...

it will be our two year anniversary - and we shall celebrate by finally going on our honeymoon, and it will be glorious.
We're making the plans now... I can't wait.
For some reason I hate the thought of missing work. I hate even thinking about asking for the time off. I'm not sure why. Maybe its because last year in my residency one of my co-residents made it her job (no pun intended) to miss work and come up with ridiculous excuses for her absences. I usually ended up having to do her work. As an added bonus we were about the same height and both had brown hair and my non-caucasian program director couldn't tell us apart, and continually called me by her name. This, was frustrating. Well, I don't think that's it anyway, and, I digress.
I put off going on our honeymoon until I had a "job" and was settled in it, after a brief period of unemployment... then I thought about postponing again, just because I didn't want to ask for time off. Why am I this crazy? I don't know.  I guess I had to learn that going on vacation with your husband is more important than working, its an investment in your life together. Well, that was a good lesson. Plus, who doesn't want to go on a good vacay?
I love my husband, he's the sun and the moon to me, I can't wait for our honeymoon.

Above photo of the proposed destination by Mark Lewis/Getty Images for National Geographic.

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