Sunday, June 6, 2010

Three star restaurant

Last night we had a little dinner party so we could hang out one last time before our friends Guillaume and Helen move away.
Guillaume is going back to France tomorrow, where he's going to open up shop in his hometown of Nantes, and as if that's not enough he is going to be appointed professor in periodontics at his dental school, which is a pretty big deal in France.
So as the good friends that we are, we hosted a dinner where he was one of the honored guests, and invited him to come over 2 hours early (after I made him go to the grocery store with me to pick out the ingredients) in order for him to make half of the dinner.

Oh come on, its not like I inconvenienced him, he'd already made the foie gras in advance.

Seriously though, I don't think we've had a dinner party where Guillaume hasn't been a major part of it. He either brings half the menu or the best conversation, usually both!

We had such a great time. Joey made this amazing rack(s) of lamb and rosemary potatoes, and Guillaume made the aforementioned foie gras and real ratatouille. I mostly played a supporting role, but I did make tarte tatin - two times, since I burned the caramel on the first attempt. I don't know what happened, I just turned my back for one second. I'm glad everyone was engrossed in talking about periodontal subjects and didn't hear me yell the F word from my kitchen at my own party. Joey the super cleaner extrordanire cleaned the pan lickety split and we had the new one going in no time. Thanks Joe Joe! Everyone was really nice about waiting for dessert, especially since Helen brought some delectable delights from Clear Flour Bakery to tide them over. I guess I'm glad that was the only real hiccup - yesterday I had kind of a dumb day. I nearly forgot my bankcard pin number while I was buying wine. That would have been unfortunate. (Lucky for the muscle memory while punching in those numbers!)

I know I've said it before but I'm so proud of you Guillaume and Helen - the best official periodontists I know!

(And Joey I'm proud of you for whipping up that delicious dinner. You're the best.)
Guillaume even put his very discerning stamp of approval on the meal, saying he felt like he was at a "three star restaurant." Thanks G!


We love you guys, thank you for all of the great moments, and being there for us during the rough patches.  You are part of our family for always.

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