Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Dad of Mine

Is the best! Go Dad! (see, I'm still peppy.)
Dad - thanks for being so wonderful. You taught me how to ride my two-wheeler in St. Collette's parking lot, took me on frog hunts in the summers when I was just a tot, (don't worry everyone, it was a hunt for a temporary pet, we didn't hunt them down.) You gave me a big hug immediately after I totalled the Chevy Celebrity when I was 16, and years later when you were walking me down the aisle you told me to slow down and savor the moment. These are just a few of the flashbulb memories I have of you - and some of the biggest moments of my life.
You're the kind of person who would rather read Neruda than watch TV. (Am I really your daughter?) And you know something about everything, but you manage to have this vast knowledge and be completely unpretentious. In fact, you are so self-effacing and humble. Everyone loves you because you are so geniune and kind. You worked so hard for Laner and me to have everything that we had growing up, and to send us off to good colleges, and you are the kind of person that makes sure turtles get across the road and will be the savior to any lost dog or cat. You give everyone the benefit of the doubt, no matter what. For this I truly admire you. I am so inpatient and I get irritated easily with other people. I'm always hurrying and stressing, when it really doesn't matter. Its a long road but I try to embody these qualities that you've tried to pass on to me. I love you with all of my heart. Happy Father's Day, Dad!


  1. ohhh... the blog looks pretty :).

    My dad told me the same thing when we were ready to walk down the aisle. I love him for that :)

    great post!

  2. Dad has this repoonse for you, Lizzy:
    "thanx liz diz! love you right back. I am on an exercise program now, to make sure I am fit for our next frog hunt. The Alpine radio from the ol' Chevy is now playing beautifully in the ol' Dodge, so it's like the Chevy lives again! We should all be so durable."

  3. I believe the frogs would beg to differ...

    By the way, this is all very true about your dad. He's a good man.

  4. Sarah: here's a quick response from your uncle John: Sarr-Darr ... you were a key participant in the Big Paw forest frog hunts, along with Laner Daner and Clare Bear ... and YOUR dad ... what great memories we all helped make for each other ... thanx for this great blog Liz Diz!
    Love from the Dad and the Uncle in Texas