Monday, June 28, 2010

Second is the best

Today marks the second anniversary of the marriage of two young dentists: my best husband Joseph, and me.
I'm so lucky to have him, and I think about that everyday. Who else would comparison shop rain jackets for me on various technical gear websites, or still love me despite my continued struggles with selfishness and materialism? I can't wait to go on our honeymoon this weekend - (just five short days remain between us and our tropical adventure,) especially now since I have a new LL Bean rain jacket and awesome water shoes!
Oh just wait everyone until they come in and we can have a full-on Old Navy/LL Bean fashion show. But, more on that later. For now lets take a moment to reflect on June 28, 2008.

We said vows:

Then we were married!

So we danced:

And we were happy.

And I literally love you more everyday. Happy Anniversary Joey!

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! Happy Anniversary~