Saturday, June 11, 2011

We're Back!

We're back from France and Spain and it was amazing. I love love loved it. I was hoping some of the culture would rub off on me but alas, here I am googling "how to do your eye make-up like a Kardashian." It also seems like we'll be in Boston a few more days since our movers aren't coming until Wednesday. We've already sold all of our furniture besides a dresser, desk, and end tables that we're moving to Texas, so its kind of a weird set-up in this heezy. We're back to hanging out on our blown up air mattress in the middle of our living room, which is oddly enough just how we started out here in Boston so I guess we've come full circle. Ah, such is life.
Anywho, I'll post some pictures of the trip soon.  Although it was fantastic to get away, it feels good to be back.

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