Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On my mind this moving day

So today we're moving, one way or another. The movers are supposed to come between 12 and 4, so I'm trying to do really productive things like write blog posts and think about the most precious little babe I saw yesterday, my good friend Mara's newborn baby boy,  Harper Aaron. Words seriously can't express how perfect and beautiful he is. And how awesome is the name Harper Aaron? LOVE. Joey held him and it was so cute/funny because he'd never held a baby. I figured a hospital setting with a lot of supervision was a good place to start. Joey kept saying "whoa, this is fun," in a soft voice. And Mara is a natural. I would be like, "do you have his HEAD?!" and be anxiously hovering over everyone, but she was laid back and already a wonderful mom. No wonder he was such a content little guy. Seriously, I have to stop because I don't even have Mara's permission to be talking about her child. Sorry Mara, I can't help it!
Alrighty, on my mind this moving day...
*the "going in the car" pile seems to be getting a little ambitious
* if the movers don't show up we'll get a U-Haul trailer
* but I super hope they come because I've freaked all the freak I have already over this move...
* I hope we get the list of things done before the movers come
* so Joey needs to get back from his jog
* and I'm not much better writing blog posts when I should be randomly scurrying all over my apartment
* I love being home during the day on weekdays
* because I love watching Ellen at 9am, its my favorite
* speaking of that we have to somehow get rid of this TV
* I met a boy last night that had on $1200 jeans (not Harper)
* he was strange
* alrighty, I really do need to pack up
* I guess this is my last post from Boston, which is bittersweet
* I'll miss you Boston


  1. boston is going to miss y'all...

  2. I feel so honored to have been included in this blog post!
    (It is my favorite blog after all). For the record Joey was a natural.
    We are going to miss you guys, come back and visit soon.
    Keep blogging!
    Love Mara and Harper