Friday, July 16, 2010


I love it. The kind that goes on your face I mean, not the reconciliation kind. (I'm presently struggling with my addiction to holding a grudge.)

Well, I digress - back to business. I want to go and buy this:

And then this:

and this:

and then of course I would impulsively buy this:

All because in my little mind on a Friday afternoon thats all I think I need to look like this:

I think I have body dysmorphic disorder.

I won't buy any of this because I'm working on my selfishness. I told Joey this morning how proud of myself I was because I wanted to buy all of this makeup but I won't, and instead of a
"Go Elizabeth, you are the best wife EVER!"

all I got was a matter-of-fact: "yeah, don't buy anymore makeup."

Obviously he doesn't realize the sacrifice I'm making.

So I will post some Belize pictures when we get this cord we need to upload from the underwater camera. That's right, an underwater camera was in order. One of the ortho residents was so nice to let us take his since we don't have one.

In other news, I'm sitting at worked bummed out because my crown didn't seat on my last patient. You can believe that it bums us out just as much as it does the patient. They're disappointed and leave without what they wanted, and what they've usually already paid a lot of money for...and there's nothing I can do. I worked on it for an hour. But as usual, you know in the first 10 minutes that it won't work... but you just keep working and hoping for another 50. In my case nervously chatting about the heat wave. I came back to my office and sat with my head in my hands for a few minutes, telling myself that it isn't life or death.
Speaking of that, does anyone watch Boston Med? Whew! I love it. That's where I did my GPR last year, Brigham and MGH, so I feel like I'm 'in the know' about those hospitals. Although as a dental resident I wasn't highly sought after for filming... which is probably for the best. This is the resolution I've come to anyway, after being consumed with jealousy that I'm not on the show, even like, walking down the hall "accidentally" or what have you while they were filming.

All in all though, its been a good week. I had a great trip with Joey, and I'm happy to be home. Have a great weekend everyone.

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